Greeting Cards and Gifts

We provide Greeting Cards, Birthday Cards and Event Cards along with ethically sourced Gift sets.

Greeting Cards and Gifts

Hand Crafted Cards

We take great care and pride in what we make and sell.
Long gone are the days of standing in a dark room developing photographs. Today everyone snaps a picture on their mobile phone to be uploaded onto a social media site or glimpsed on a small screen to be side swiped and then forgotten. We make hand crafted cards from photographs we have taken, loved and want to share.
A card stays in view and is appreciated more than an email.

Cedar Rose Cards


Fair Trade Ethically Sourced Leather Journals

These Journals are textural paper pages are handmade from recycled cotton left over from the textile industry. Perfect for list-making, note-taking or jotting down dreams and thoughts or treasured gift.

Gift Sets

Various Gift sets for all occasions, selected with individuals in mind. Do you know someone who is retiring who enjoys the outdoors and wants to start that great novel? Then give them a Journal with a pen, woolly hat and a flask for long wintry walks where they can muse and write down their thoughts and ideas while keeping warm. Select a card that suits their personality.